So, what's with the name "Rainbow Farts" you say? 

The thought of a unicorn farting a rainbow makes me smile & reminds me that we should never take life too seriously.  It reminds me to have fun every day & appreciate the simple things in life, like the joy I get from creating and sharing art. 

Meet the Artist of Rainbow Farts Art:

Hi!  My name is Susan Jean Tosches-Deneau, I was born in raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles and currently live in Viva Las Vegas with my best friends: my husband, my daughter, and my dog.  I love sharing my passion with others through volunteering, mentoring, & teaching art classes.  It warms my heart seeing other's creative spirits soar when they discover their own imagination magic and the art they can create.  I believe everyone is an artist and I especially love seeing the art children make. 

I enjoy working with various mediums and have made everything from runway fashions to gallery paintings and children’s books throughout my creating career. I adore creating mixed media pieces and cartoon style art that creates smiles and inspires others.  Some of the materials I love working with are acrylic paints, markers, canvas, wood, water color crayons, and reclaimed items like: food boxes, fun/funky/vintage fabrics, tissue paper, along with countless other goodies I see inspiration and potential in.  My current offerings are things like children's books, mixed media paintings, signed art prints, apparel, stickers, coffee mugs, fun art classes, and art events for all ages.  I have also been known to participate in the art abandonment movement and enjoy hiding free art in public locations for others to find and keep (I usually post clues on IG/FB).  New items for sale, art events, art classes, and free art are being added to my website/Etsy shop/social media sites regularly so be sure to check back often.  I often make only one original piece and I regularly retire certain items/series/classes so be sure to get that piece or take that class you have your eye on now before it's gone!  

I’ve been creating with various mediums ever since I can remember and sharing my art with others in all sorts of ways since I was a kid (including going door to door selling my handmade coloring books, yes - my neighbors were really cool and supportive!); it has always been an outlet & passion of mine and I cherish the gift of being an arty free spirit.  Anything to do with the arts always got my attention growing up and still does to this day.  When I was in high school, I finished all my general education requirements early so I could focus on taking lots of art classes instead (like art, creative writing, and acting).  I’d say my professional creative career really started to bloom and take off between late 2004 when I started taking classes in the Los Angeles area to become an elementary arts teacher (while working full time as an Administrative Assistant) and late 2005 when I moved to Las Vegas and landed a job in the graphic design department of an architecture/interior design firm and was surrounded by over 100 creative professionals who inspired me to chase my creative dreams and helped push me to enroll in Fashion Design school to specialize in my passion of upcycled and alternative fashions (while working full time as an Executive Assistant and starting my own fashion design business on the side).  I graduated with an Associate of Science in Fashion Design in 2009 and think life is much more fun in clothes you love.  After becoming a stay at home mom (my most favorite job of all!), in 2013 I started switching mediums from fashion design to the visual arts and really got into painting after taking a variety of painting classes.  I am constantly studying and taking new arts classes to add to my creative skills set, I plan on being a forever student – always learning something new (cuz, why not?!). 

I’ve had the privilege to work more fun jobs/gigs than I can count within the creative industries & have owned my own art filled businesses as well.  The businesses I have owned are: Altered Nation Designs (an eco-friendly co-op boutique), Rainbow Farts Art (selling my art), and Art Box Surprise (an art by mail business).  Some of the creative roles I have filled include: Fashion Designer, Artist, Art Buyer/Curator, Art Director, Backstage Manager, Fashion Stylist, Visual Display Artist, Painting Instructor, Arts Mentor, Costume Assistant Manager (Showgirl/Cirque/Dancer), Fashion Show/Photo Shoot Manager, Charity Benefit/Event Host, Art Activities Supervisor/Mentor (for adults with intellectual disabilities), Craft Circle Hostess, Ambiance Character, Model, Executive Assistant, Junior/Intern Graphic Designer, Gallery Curator, Children’s Author/Illustrator, among many others.  I have loved my life journey so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds!  Throughout my creating career, I’ve been honored to have my various works/projects featured in numerous printed magazines, newspapers, television news shows, and online blogs including: The Las Vegas Review Journal, The View, Fox 5 News, ABC's The Morning Blend, Las Vegas Weekly, Vegas Rocks Magazine, City Life, Neon Thursday, Blvds Magazine, Writer’s Life, Las Vegas Sun, Symphony Park, Examiner, Seven Magazine, The Abundant Artist, Lollie Shopping, Hello Subscription, Not a Tree Reviews, & UNLV News just to name a few.  My work has been featured and/or sold at places like: Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Jana’s Red Room, Bubblegum Gallery, Emergency Arts, Altered Nation Designs, Electronic Music Café, Circus Couture, Couture Community Challenge, ARTrageous, Champagne Creative Group, Vegas Vision Studios, Reclaimed, Gypsy Den, The Box Office, Arts Factory, Place Gallery, Blackbird Studios, Vegas Val's Tattoo Shop, Blue Sky Yoga, Twisted Artist Gallery, Pretty Kitty, Skin City Body Painting Gallery, Wear Recycle, First Friday, Eclectica, Art Bar, Beauty Bar, Etsy, Dinosaurs and Roses, Lil Art Bodega, Design & Dine, Artsy Nannies, Fidgets, Writer’s Block, and more!

I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle: I'm a plant based/vegan foodie, sober living, gym loving, good vibes kind of gal.  I try to live each day to the fullest while striving to be a better version of myself than the day before.  I'm always seeking new adventures and experiences no matter how big or small.  Being a mommy always comes first and my family and friends mean the world to me.  I hope to leave a sprinkle of happiness, inspiration, and love in this world we share.  Namaste!